Dinky Donuts Experience

You can find Dinky Donuts in several locations across the country.  Not only can you find them in our own stores, you can also find Dinky Donuts in select venues across Michigan and Florida.

Our retail stores provide an unparalleled experience of products and customer service. We carry a full line of Original and Premium Dinky Donuts! In select locations, we also carry Dinky Milk Shakes, Dinky Donuts Sundaes and other exciting items.  Some of our non-traditional venues carry our hot and fresh cinnamon/sugar Dinky Donuts!  No matter where you find us, you will find a hot fresh Dinky Donut made on the spot for you!!!

But it’s not about what we sell. It’s about the experience. You will enjoy the most amazing customer service and friendly smiles when you visit our stores. Furthermore on average, we sample over 1,000 Dinky Donuts per day at each of our locations! And when you buy a bucket, you will hear the sound of our Bucket Bell ringing!

Dinky Donuts also comes to your event to provide a similar experience right at your very own party! We provide hot fresh delicious mini donuts prepared right on site for your event or private party. Not only do we make them right in front of you and your guests, but we do so in a way that is visually entertaining as well.

Our goal is to give your guests something to remember your event by. Our unforgettable Dinky Donuts do just that. They will have your guests raving about the world’s most addicting Donuts! And the best part is that because they are Cholesterol Free, they provide you a Guiltless Pleasure.

We will make a splash in your event that won’t soon be forgotten. It will be talked about long after your event is over. And we will do everything we can to ensure it is a successful and fun part of your day or evening!!!

If you are looking for an exciting addition to your event, please feel free to contact us and we will share with you how we can add some fun and great taste!!!


Dinky Donuts History

Dinky Donuts was ‘born’ in our retail store BonBons. We currently have five traditional retail locations and several other locations. There we have varieties of Dinky Donuts, Ice Cream, Smoothies and many other wonderful products.

We have been in the business of helping sweeten the lives of our customers since 1994. That is when we opened our very first retail location. It has since evolved and in addition to retail, we now bring Dinky Donuts to you and your events!

Dinky Donuts knows that you, ‘the customer’, is the heartbeat of our business.  That ensures that you will always have a great experience when you eat Dinky Donuts, visit a Dinky Donuts store, or bring Dinky Donuts to your event. Please feel free to look through the rest of this site and make sure you go to the ‘catering’ page and see how you can add Dinky Donuts to your next party or celebration!!!